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Branding | Web Design and Development | Packaging Design

Fitrution supply premium sports nutrition products for the everyday male and female. We worked with them to create their brand, web presence and product packaging.

Branding & Product Packaging

Our first challenge was to create a recognisable brand. We researched the market place and outlined Fitrution's wants with its needs to create something that would stand out in a competitive market.

The product packaging was a natural extention of this research and we were able to apply our findings to create a vibrant packaging range for their products.

Fitrution logo
Fitrution Packaging
Fitrution Logo Treatments - Yellow
Fitrution Logo Treatments - Grey
Fitrution Logo Treatments - Green
Fitrution Logo Treatments - Red
Fitrution Protien Packaging
Fitrution Billboard

Website & Marketing

Finally, we helped promote the products with marketing material and a website.

App Design & Development

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