Making a Big Impact as a Small Team

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Tim Potter

Design Principal

When we launched Little Thunder, the 'Little' in our name was a deliberate choice, a reflection of our core philosophy. We never aspired to transform into a sprawling design agency brimming with staff; instead, our vision was always to remain compact. Our experiences in larger design agencies highlighted a gap we were eager to fill - fostering genuine, meaningful relationships with our clients. 'Little' wasn't just a name; it was our commitment to a more personal, connected approach to design, where every project is treated with the utmost care and every client feels valued.

Building on this philosophy, we find a kindred spirit in Paul Jarvis's book "Company of One." Jarvis advocates for a business approach that values sustainability and personalisation over rampant growth. This aligns perfectly with our approach at Little Thunder. By keeping our team small, we ensure a level of attentiveness and customisation in our services that larger agencies often struggle to match. Our goal has always been to deliver impactful, high-quality work, not to churn out projects in volume. Each client's vision and goals are unique, and we dedicate ourselves to understanding and realising them in a way only a close-knit team can.

This small-scale approach also allows us to be extraordinarily agile. Unlike larger agencies, where changes can be slow and cumbersome due to a maze of approvals and bureaucratic processes, we benefit from streamlined decision-making. In our team, ideas flow freely and directly. This not only speeds up our response time but also ensures that the original vision and goals of a project remain sharply in focus, enabling our clients to not just keep up, but lead the way in their digital presence.

In a world obsessed with growth, we're purposefully 'Little' by design. We measure our success not by our size, but by our impact.

Furthermore, embracing a 'Company of One' mentality extends beyond our client work; it deeply influences our team culture. We prioritise a work-life balance that fosters creativity, passion, and well-being. Our team members bring their best selves to their work, infusing each project with enthusiasm and innovative thinking. This not only results in superior quality work but also in a more fulfilling work environment, creating a positive feedback loop of satisfaction and success for both our team and our clients.

This culture also breathes life into exciting side projects, like our Football website Footi , which marries our love for the sport and our dedication to net zero sustainable design, or our journey into brewing beers like Tropical Thunder at Hoptimistic . These ventures are testaments to the vibrant personality and innovative spirit that thrives in our team - a spirit that’s not just confined to client projects but extends into our passions, bringing an extra dimension of creativity and enthusiasm to everything we do.

In essence, being 'Little' has allowed us to make a significant impact. Our focus on strong, direct relationships, coupled with our nimbleness in adapting to and embracing new ideas, sets us apart in the digital design world. We've shown that size isn't a prerequisite for thinking big or achieving excellence. At Little Thunder, our choice to stay small is not just a business strategy; it's a testament to our belief in the power of personal touch and innovative thinking in creating extraordinary digital experiences.