Our Approach to Collaborative Design Partnerships

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Gabriel Muldoon

Design Principal

When it comes to digital product design, the journey from concept to completion is often complex and challenging. It's a path that requires not just skill and creativity, but also a deep understanding of the client's vision, goals, and the specific market landscape. At Little Thunder, we specialise in becoming an integral part of your team, providing the expertise, extra muscle, and leadership needed to navigate this journey swiftly and successfully.

Making Our Team, Your Team

We believe in a partnership approach. When you work with us, we don't just act as an external agency - think of us as a de facto member of your team who parachute in (metaphorically speaking) to assist. This integration allows us to understand your needs and challenges from the inside, ensuring our solutions are not only innovative, but also perfectly aligned with your company's objectives and culture.

Filling the Gaps, Long-Term or Short-Term

Whether you're scaling up, recruiting new talent, or in need of additional leadership and direction, our micro team is perfectly placed to fill those gaps. Our expertise in digital product design spans across various domains, enabling us to adapt quickly to your unique project needs. We bring a blend of strategic thinking, creative design, and technical know-how to the table, ensuring that no matter what the challenge, we have the tools and the experience to tackle it head-on.

Collaboration is the heartbeat of innovation.

Accelerating Success

Our goal is to accelerate your journey from an idea to reality. With our team's support, many of our clients have witnessed a significant reduction in their product's time-to-market. We streamline the design process, identify potential roadblocks early, and apply proven strategies to overcome them efficiently.

A Trusted Partnership

Trust and transparency form the cornerstone of our relationships with clients. We keep you involved and informed at every step, turning the design process into a collaborative and enlightening experience. It's not just about delivering a final product; it's a journey we take together that leads to success.

We're more than just a digital product design company. We're your partners in innovation, ready to lend our expertise, leadership, and creativity to help you achieve your goals.