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Chalky and the New Sports Car


A beautiful, hand crafted children's picture book that follows Chalky the Cat on one of his daily adventures. From Kickstarter to bookshelf, read about our fascinating journey in creating this lovable children's book.

Chalky and the New Sports Car
Chalky and the New Sports Car
Chalky and the New Sports Car
Chalky and the New Sports Car
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Using illustrations that evoke cinematic motion and a custom hand-lettered typography, this children's book may become a new favorite.

Written by Stanley Potter

The story was written by Tim’s father Stanley, who turned his hand to writing stories for his grandchildren in his retirement.

The story follows lovable family cat Chalky on one of his daily adventures around the neighbourhood. Chalky has a particular passion for cars and likes to investigate any new vehicles that arrive in the area.

Stanley Potter - Author
Chalky Concepts

Illustrated by Jordan Henderson

Jordan is a talented illustrator from Northern Ireland. We got a chance to see Jordan's work first hand at his Masters exhibition at the University of Ulster and upon seeing his book 'Upon a Star' we knew straight away he was the right person to bring Chalky to life.

Jordan's illustrations are digital paintings created entirely in Photoshop using custom brushes and traditional painting techniques.

Final Chalky Illustrations by Jordan Henderson

Typography by Kyle Steed

Kyle is a man of many talents, but his hand-drawn typography particularly resonated with us so it was a simple decision have Kyle involved.

By visualising the words through illustrated typography, the child will begin to make a connection to it’s meaning.

In the example were Chalky is looking up the car tailpipe, the word ‘thought’ looks like thought bubbles and ‘fast cars’ looks like it’s moving forward at speed.

By combining the audio and visual aspect of certain words we aim to create a more engaging experience for kids.

We also think handcrafted typography is more aesthetically pleasing for big kids like us!

Kyle Steed Typographic Samples
Kyle Steed Typography
Kyle Steed Typography on final illustrations

Kickstarter Campaign

On the 21st November 2013, we launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the production of the book.

One Month later we successfully raised £13,335 from 264 backers. It also featured during the campaign as a Kickstarter Staff Pick for Project of the Day.

What everyone said

In January 2014 the printed books started landing on doorsteps all over the world, here is what people had to say.

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Own the Book

Chalky and the New Sports car is available as a paperback, hardback and eBook.

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