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Little Thunder Co | Web Design Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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We're passionate about our work and the people we work with. Design to us is more than just the aesthetics, it's a process that begins with the people you're designing for and ends with new solutions. We're more than just designers, we're problem solvers.

Gaby Muldoon - Co-Founder

Gaby Muldoon


Gabriel is an illustrator and UX Designer. Having cut his teeth in the early noughties with a 1st class honours in Interactive Multimedia Design, he has been conjuring wonders for clients such as Guinness, Jameson, BBC, Honda, Tescos and many more ever since.

Gabriel loves nothing more than the challenge of bringing a digital idea from paper to screen and beyond. Working as a part time lecturer at the University of Ulster, he has been helping mould the next generation of designers for more than 8 years.

In his spare time he enjoys the occasional swim > bike > run. Preferably in that order.

Tim Potter - Co-Founder

Tim Potter


Tim has been pushing pixels since the late 90's when he had to limit his time online in case someone needed to use the telephone.

After graduating from a degree in BSc (Hons) Interactive Multimedia Design with a 1st class honours, he embarked into the freelance web design world, working with many clients including BMW, Jameson, Ulster Bank and Property News.

Whilst continuing to freelance he also spent 9 years as a part-time lecturer at the University of Ulster teaching design to students of BSc (Hons) Interactive Multimedia Design and more recently BDes (Hons) Interaction Design.

After hanging up the tweed jacket in 2015, he now spends every working second crafting human-centered designs for our wonderful clients here at Little Thunder Co.

Andrew Whann - Junior Designer

Andrew Whann

Junior Designer

Andrew is a fresh off the block Designer, studying Interaction Design, with skills in web design, illustration and branding.

Currently in the world of work on his placement he has began expanding into many different areas of design. Andrew can also work miracles giving life to 2D characters with animation.

You may see him on the road on his pennyboard as he prefers to go around the bus to work, rather than get on it.

Michael McKeever - Front-end Designer

Michael McKeever

Front-end Designer

Michael is a front-end designer that spends the majority of his time designing and building for the web.

A recent First Class Honours graduate in Interactive Multimedia Design, he embarked straight into the world of freelancing and now helps the Little Thunder Co. team bring wonderful products to life for an array of colourful clients.

Outside of the internet, you’ll often spot him at local talks and conferences (at the bar), attempting the gym and not talking about himself in the third person.


Refresh Belfast - Little Thunder Co.

We’re firm believers in giving back to the community and believe by widening our frame of reference, we can become better at what we do. This is why we’re directly involved in the running and support of several local design events such as Refresh Belfast and Break Conference, both of which draw an audience of several hundred professionals from across Ireland, UK and beyond.

We’re also active on the local speaker circuit and love to share our thoughts and knowledge with others.

Refresh Belfast - Little Thunder Co.
Refresh Belfast - Little Thunder Co.
Refresh Belfast - Little Thunder Co.

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